stupid fucking bullshit!

hey welcome to my stupid shit on the internet!!! i'm grewsome!

i have a really big thing for old tech and web from the XP-era, so here I am making this site. you'll find stuff that i'm nostalgic for here, probably a blog or something eventually, and whatever else I feel like doing. mostly just archiving and rambling about nostalgic stuff, though!

as the name of the website obviously implies, i tend to swear quite a bit because its funny. yes, before you ask, i am pretty immature. for example, say "peepee poopoo" to me and i'll probably type "LOL". if you are offended by vulgarity, i strongly suggest you browse another site!

just a silly little guy on the silly little internet

quick facts!

30 y/o
florida, USA
aromantic / asexual
dumb / ass
contact info!

discord: grewsome#0069
twitter: grewsomewere
gmail: grewsomewriting

Feb 23 2023: started working on this!